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Make Free Calls Using Only your Browser

There are many free services that allow you to make free phone calls using only your web browser.

In this article I will explain three different calling services and what I liked and disliked about them.

iCall (flash)

  • Unlimited 3-minute free calls to the US and Canada.It has a very clean and simple iPhone-like interface.
  • The web version of iCall is somewhat simplistic and lacks features.
  • Lightly advertised: almost no advertisments.
  • Desktop version (Windows only) includes incoming calls, voice mail, a phone-book and many other features.

EvaPhone (flash)

  • 5-minutes per call.
  • There is a limit of three phone calls per day but this can easily be bypassed with a proxy.
  • Some advertising: an advert lasting about 10 seconds is displayed before every call.
  • Calls can supposedly be made to countries other than the USA but these do not seem to work.
  • Registered users (free) have access to a phone book and recent calls.

CallingAmerica (flash)

  • Registered users can make unlimited 15 minute calls.
  • Un-registered users can make unlimited 2 minute calls.
  • Very lacking in features: only basic calling, no phone-book, voice mail or some of the features the others have.
  • Calls can be made only to the USA and Canada.
  • Heavily advertised: adverts all around the page and an advert that will play before every call.


Overall my favorite online calling service was iCall because of its clean and easy to use interface as well as the avalability of a feature-rich Desktop application.

EvaPhone came a close second because it allowed slightly longer calls, despite a small advert.

I disliked CallingAmerica because although it allowed longer calls (15 minutes for registered users) it was far too heavily advertised.

If you found this post useful and want to say thanks or know some other web calling service please feel free to leave a comment :).